With a large population of alumni to keep track of and reach out to, the alumni relations teams at Case Western Reserve University struggled to find accurate, updated information to help keep alumni connected to the university. Case chose to work with Wisr, a new platform that provides an engaging space for students and alumni to easily connect. With Wisr, Case was able to find the answer to all their problems within one platform.

Case Western Reserve University: Bridging the Gap Between Alumni and Students With Wisr

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Advisors Actively Using Wisr



Students Actively Using Wisr

Director, Alumni Relations

Case Alumni Association

"In a phrase, I would consider the Wisr team and the platform they’ve created to be Best in Class”

“If we’re seeing these numbers, we’re learning that, OK, this is definitely a return on our investment. We are engaging alumni. One of our main goals is getting alumni to come back and help and volunteer, and this is a tool for them to do that,”

Dr. Thomas Matthews

Executive Director of The Career Center

Kelly Mayle

Fully Supported

One-click Profile

A simple, elegant campus-wide solution

Alumni, Staff, Faculty, and Student profiles with LinkedIn Integration

Our dedicated launch team ensures a critical mass of student and alumni adoption is established

Intelligent Advising

AI-Driven academic and career advising matches, for students to explore careers and navigate college

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